Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Best of | H&M beauty

It's taken me a solid year to find out that H&M had launched a new and very trendy beauty line, which frankly doesn't surprise me since I usually triple-check even my drugstore beauty purchases. Long story short, you wouldn't catch me dead buying anything else other than nail polish from "mothership brands" (aka brands that technically specialise in one think but then release a myriad of other stuff). I think it was a video of Tati's, also known as GlamLifeGuru on Youtube, that actually brought this line to my attention and it has been there ever since, so much so that I took the dive into the unknown and emerged 30 euros lighter.

One of the things that really got me excited was this nail polish in the shade Bitter Chocolate which is such a unique shade in my opinion. A super sophisticated blend of dark brown, grey, mauve and a hint of blue, this is definitely a step up on the chic scale from the been-there-done-that burgundy shades.

I spent way too much time and wasted one too many makeup removing wipes trying to decide what shades to buy in store. They carry every tone imaginable which I think is super cool, considering they're often "fashion" shades you see in clothing but never in an eyeshadow palette. So now, all you fashionistas and makeup aficionados out there, you can match your shimmery jumper with your eyelids! (I realise that came out sarcastic but I swear I meant it as a genuine reason for celebration).
Now they're not exactly dirt cheap which kinda reassured me I'm buying decent quality stuff but you're also not paying ridiculous amounts for a mono quad. On that note I've heard the quality is definitely better in the individual shades than in the palettes. However, I would like to say these are all so pigmented and the colour payoff is amazing, from the matts to the shimmers to the glitters, they all pack some serious chromatic punch. And what's even more amazing, with primer underneath they behave just as well as your regular Bobbi Brown shades so I think that's a pretty good bargain.

Finally, I decided it was time to dab my toes in the waters of skin primers. I don't really have a verdict on this one as of yet since I haven't tried it enough but it doesn't sit funny on my skin nor does it break me out so I guess we're off to a good start. I did notice less shine overall but then again it was after 12 hours of wearing the same foundation, no touch-ups so unless it was superglue my makeup was meant to slide off a little bit.

In the interest of this experiment with H&M makeup, I have my eyes on a few lipsticks as well so I'll update you with a part 2 asap :)

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